Men’s Fellowship Ministry
This ministry is organized to promote fellowship among the men of the Church and to reach out to the men of the local community and abroad.  This ministry of fellowship seeks to build a sense of community through spending an intensive amount of time together.  Monthly, quarterly and/or yearly events/programs such as: a fellowship breakfast, prayer shut-ins, and retreats are commonly planned.

Young Men Christian Council

The Young Men Council (YMCC) is a group of young men from the age of nineteen (19) to twenty-five (25).  The primary function of this group is to train young men to be productive and responsible Christians in the Church and in the community.  This unit advocates living a spirit-controlled life which enables young men to triumph in spiritual warfare.

Prayer and Bible Band

The purpose of the Prayer and Bible Band is to train women to know their bible that they may become acquainted with the Word of God and help to lead others to righteousness.  The principal objective is that Christ be in the hearts of God’s creation and His people, and that the testimonies and attitudes of each participant always be Christ-honoring.

Purity Class

The Purity Class is composed of boys and girls ages 13-19.  Members of this department are called Puritans and are classified into groups according to age and interest. Some of the objectives of the Purity Class are to promote and protect moral standards, beautify homes and church life, emphasize cleanliness and train youth leaders.

Christian Women’s Council

The Christian Women’s Council (CWC) is a group of women from the age of fifty (50) to an indefinite age.  The primary purpose of the CWC is to gather together these women and channel their minds into productive Christian endeavors.  This group is expected to train all areas of leadership and organizational structure and to promote what it means to live consistent Christian lives.

The Sunshine Band

The Sunshine Band is an auxiliary of the Women’s Department of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.  It was organized by our founder, Bishop Charles H. Mason in the early 1930’s for the purpose of ministering to and nurturing our children ages 12 and under.  The primary focus is to reach and save our children by keeping them involved in meaningful and wholesome activities.  Through music, bible study, dramatic activities, arts and crafts, field trips and special worship services, our children are instructed in the way God wants them to go.

Young Women’s Christian Council

The Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC) is a group of women from the age of nineteen (19) to forty-nine (49).  This group is too old for Purity Class and too young for the Mother’s Board.  The YWCC woman is at the peak of her strength.  She has overcome the stages of adolescence and is tempted many times to lean on her own strength.  She faces her college years, years of marriage and motherhood and will very soon come to the summit of leadership.

The primary purpose of the YWCC is to gather together these women and channel their minds into productive motives of Christian endeavor.  This is the training station for every facet of women’s work.  Here they are trained to be homemakers, lovers of their husbands, ministers’ wives, bishops’ wives, auxiliary leaders, prayer warriors and lovers of God.  This group is expected to train in all areas of leadership and organizational structure.  They are expected to learn what it means to live consistent Christian lives.


Home and Foreign Mission

Home and Foreign Mission is set up to prepare those who are called to this ministry, for Mission work.  The Home and Foreign Mission Board is indeed a strong link in the Church of God in Christ.  This department encourages involvement in caring for the social needs of people in our communities and abroad.  They should also seek ways to serve the needs of mankind whenever and however possible.

Sunday School

The Sunday School Department is directed by the Superintendent, who is appointed by the Pastor.  The Department of Sunday School shall inspire training in Holiness education.  It is hoped that the department will be sensitive to the needs of our people in the area of bible training.

Young People Willing Workers

The Young People Willing Workers (YPWW) Department is organized for the continual training of our young people in Holiness ministry and Pentecostal soundness.  This is the department of the Church which, historically, trains our youth for leadership.  The chairperson(s) of this department are appointed by the Pastor.

The Music Department

The Music Department is designed to assist our Church in maintaining a balance in the music ministry and shall be prepared to minister musically at all services.  This department is also expected to aid our young people in music appreciation, instrument, voice, etc., through regular workshops and planned training sessions.  The Minister of Music is appointed by the Pastor.  The following are organized by the Music Department: Sanctuary Choir, Youth Choir, Sunshine Band, Praise Team, Orchestra, ensembles and other music groups.

Children’s Church

Children’s Church is responsible for the spiritual growth and edification of all children ages 4-12 years of age.  This is accomplished through weekly Children’s Church services and special events that showcase our children.  These services and activities are conduced by a team of teachers who provide engaging and hands-on activities.

New Member’s Class

After receiving the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives, or the right hand of fellowship, the new member will be instructed on church doctrine, ordinances and history of the Church of God in Christ.